Lately I have been legit "IN IT" on my book: synthesizing, re-outlining, curating content, dictating, typing, editing (oh my!)📗

Both of my pregnancies were extremely difficult/anxiety-producing for me (just ask my husband & friends 😂) but I honestly feel like getting to FINISHED with this book has been even harder.

Why, when I'm a super-prolific writer, I write every day, I'm crystal-clear on my message, and I obviously have a lot to say? Because it is NEXT LEVEL. Because it is what I KNOW I'm called to do. Because it matters SO MUCH and it's all on me.

This effort requires all of me and THEN some, ladies, and it's not the first time. We all face points like this along our journeys, and we have a choice.

A choice to keep showing up in the face of resistance, in the face of feeling overwhelmed, in the face of the unknown.

I've put a team in place around me to support me in getting MASSIVE traction on the book, and you know what? That support and accountability is EVERYTHING for me, not only for the book, but each time I've experienced a massive leap to the next level.

It IS a choice, and it's one you can make today, too!

I'd love to hear what mountains you've summited in your business or are currently working on summiting, so share with us so we can cheer you on!