Big-time celebrations & growth here--

After spending lask week focused on writing + hosting family, over the weeknd I rented this gorgeous apartment all BY MYSELF!!!

This was the first time I've ever gone away like this, all by myself (of course I did a ton of solo travel when I was single, and before I had my now 17-month daughter, but was always meeting up with people in some capacity)!

It was just me + my manuscript!

It was intentional to create the space both to recharge AND to write/edit. Now I'm getting ready to send this baby off to my editor!

AHHHHHH!!! IT'S REALLY HAPPENING!!! MY BOOK WILL BE LAUNCHED THIS SPRING!!!! And it's the result of a ton of support, accountability, and focused action.

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Have you ever done a solo retreat? Or is it something you'd like to do? Fill me in!