Happy long weekend to you!!!

I'm wrapping up one AMAZING month and kicking off another with a week-long trip to Colorado!

I'm SO grateful you've been with me on this journey through August, which has included:

Celebrating my clients’ wins, like:
🎉Booking out, starting a waiting list, and raising prices
🎉Getting their first several clients
🎉Rejuvenating a stalled business with new clients
🎉Traveling the world while working with clients & discovering how much FUN that freedom is

I also got to:
😀Deliver a keynote speech for Little Angel Gowns that helped them raise a huge amount of money for their beautiful cause
😀Give away the second full scholarship this year to my 6-month mentorship, in honor of Maeve
😀Host an in-person VIP intensive at my home
😀Get great feedback from a top book agent on my manuscript
😀Celebrate Fi’s first birthday by hosting 50 of her biggest fans :)
😀Ride my horse, Graley, through fields of Kentucky bluegrass

Now as September dawns, I’m excited to:
❤️Hold 2 private VIP days in Colorado!!!!
❤️Host a virtual co-working day with my 1:1 clients to GET THINGS DONE! :) 
❤️Celebrate the release of my EOFire episode (they record 2-3 months ahead)
❤️And some other surprises I have up my pajama sleeves :)

Here’s why I share this list: I want you to know that you CAN create the business you desire, and the life you want, too.

If I can do all of this in one month with a 1-year-old, what can you do? Let yourself dream about that question and see what comes up!

Now I want to hear from YOU about one or more things you are celebrating from August, or are looking forward to creating in September!

Comment and share with me!