How do you know if you have the right target audience? How do you know that you've chosen the right niche, the one that's going to get you more amazing clients and customers?

It's a question that several of my clients have asked me this week, so you may be wondering that, too.

When we choose our niche, sometimes confidence issues and self-doubt can arise as we wonder if it’s the right one, especially when we’re not seeing the sales we’d like.

If you're wishing for more sales and questioning your niche, read on.
Usually, it takes about 90 days for us to see the efforts of the marketing we do today, so take a look at what you’ve been doing and ask yourself:

✔️ Have I been consistently VISIBLE with my particular niche for 90 days? 
✔️ Do I know exactly what my niche wants and needs, and have I been offering that?
✔️ Am I feeling CONFIDENT about the value I’m able to provide and AM providing each day? 
✔️ Have I been talking to them about their specific pain points, their struggles, and the potential of what working with me can do for them and their goals?
✔️ Have I been making consistent, clear OFFERS for 90 days?
✔️ Is my mindset on point (doesn’t need to be perfect, but consistently a priority?)
✔️ Am I focused, clear and confident on the value I bring, and am I sharing that daily?
✔️ Am I consistently following up with people I’ve had calls with, providing value, and presenting the opportunity to work together?

Identify which of these seems like the biggest challenge for you or opportunity for growth, and dive in there first.

For example, if you're wondering if you've chosen the wrong niche, but you've actually been terrified to make offers or sales because you're not sure you can help them, then it's not actually your niche, it's actually your confidence that needs to be addressed first, so that you can become consistently visible. Does that make sense?

As my amazing client Angie said over in Life With Passion Society last week,

"Great topic for sure! I heard on a call today, 'Marketing to everyone is marketing to no one.' So for those who haven't narrowed in yet... better check this out.  Quick tip I am sure Christine will go into... for horse related businesses marketing to 'all horse owners' is very much like marketing to everyone. :)"

What questions do you have about narrowing your niche? Or, which question above really hit home for you as the place to start? 

Comment and let me know!