Once people are in your Facebook group (or you’re in someone else’s and using that space to grow your business), it’s time to take it to the next level.

It’s time to provide them with lots of value and an opportunity to get to know you so that you become memorable to your ideal clients.

HOW exactly do you do that?

By providing your niche with valuable content, stuff they care about, stuff that can help them with their struggles, right now. By giving them your best stuff to show them that you know what you’re talking about. By sharing your stories of how your tips and strategies have worked for you personally, and for your clients and customers, if you’ve worked with them.

This is something you can start today, right now. AND, 25% of the time, rules of the group permitting, you can include an invitation to take it to the next step and join your list in exchange for providing them something of MORE value (in the form of an opt-in or freebie). Because ultimately, here’s the thing to remember: a Facebook group is the property of Facebook, and if they change their algorithm tomorrow and people stop seeing your posts, you want to have a way to connect with them, right? Your email list is the ultimate, portable way to do that outside of any platform.

What questions do you have about this strategy? Or, what’s YOUR best Facebook groups tip that’s worked for you in growing your business?

Share with us below!

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