So if Facebook GROUPS are the best way to get engagement and grow your know, like and trust factor with your audience of potential clients, when and why is it wise to have a Facebook PAGE?

1. I DO recommend having a basic Facebook page and posting to it occasionally so it appears relevant. You know how when you go to someone’s website and they haven’t updated their news since last year, you automatically assume that their business is out-of-date, too? Same for a Facebook business page. And often, these pages will do well in Google search results, maybe even coming up before your website when someone searches for your business, because of the way Google ranks Facebook. You want to be findable and this is an easy and free way to accomplish that goal. Before you stress about what to say there, though I have good news--you can repurpose content you’ve put in a group (yours or someone else’s).

2. Pin a post to the top of your Facebook page, inviting people to join your group, like I have over at Life With Passion by Christine McAlister. This way, if someone checks out your personal profile and winds up on your business page, they’re going to see an invite to join your group first!

3. Thanks to a new feature Facebook just rolled out, you can link your group to your page, so you can get even more exposure for your group that way!

4. To be able to run ads when you’re ready. You can’t (right now) run ads using a group and can no longer do that using your personal profile; you need to have a page to do that.

What do YOU use your business page for? Or what questions do you have about these tips and strategies? Ask below!