Facebook groups or Facebook pages?

Which one is best to grow your business?

I always recommend that you focus on one thing, and do that one thing well, get confident and feel you have it mastered, before you add in something else.

Right now, hands down, for engagement, the best way to grow your business is FACEBOOK GROUPS. This is because Facebook’s algorithm currently only shows posts to a tiny fraction of your page audience, unless you run ads to them. Now, if you want to run ads, that’s a different conversation, but here we’re talking about growing your business organically (for free).

This won’t always be the case. Because of the explosive growth of groups (everyone moved to them when Facebook made this change), Facebook will at some point introduce monetization strategies to them, too. BUT for now, groups are where it’s AT, baby.

So what questions do you have about Facebook groups? Or what strategy have you found that works well for you in them? Share below!

Tomorrow we’ll talk about when I recommend having a Facebook page, so stay tuned!