Do you struggle with feeling like an expert? Ever freak out a little, or feel like you’re going to get “found out” when someone tells you that you are already?

Here’s my best tip for how to confidently own your expertise:

YOU gotta believe it first.

Being seen as an expert starts with you BELIEVING you are the expert, but what if you don’t believe that yet? How do you create that belief?

Create a “confidence resume.”  

This strategy works over and over (and OVER) to help you kick self-doubt to the CURB, because I, for one, know that you likely already ARE an expert, but because you might struggle with perfectionism and/or have high standards for yourself, you’re having a hard time giving yourself permission to believe it.

A confidence resume is simply a list of all of the reasons why you already are qualified to help people!

Start by listing
What you’ve done around the subject you’re offering
What you’ve studied around the subject you’re teaching
What results you’ve gotten for yourself and others
The things you’ve accomplished as well  
The things you’ve overcome

...then sit back and take a look at it! I guarantee you’ll feel a whole lot more confident! Now, share with us, what’s one thing you’ve accomplished, studied, or overcome that you’re proud of? Or how will you use this tip to become more confident in your own business?