If you’re using publicity on a “lather, rinse repeat” basis, you are a LEVEL 5 DOMINATOR. Not as scary as it sounds, I promise!

Here’s what I mean:
💥You know how to show up to connect with potential clients and media outlets
🔥You have a pitch that WORKS
😎You know that if you have a place where you want to appear, you know exactly how to get that appearance.
🎇You know how to choose the topics for you ideal clients and to get the attention of your favorite influencers
💥You have a system for using publicity in your business
😎You have a plan to appear in a certain number of places each month
🔥You tie in an aligned freebie with each feature
🎇You know how to get those appearances to convert to clients

You are rocking it as a publicity pro and being an awesome CEO of your business. You are utilizing the power of publicity day in and day out to grow your business. You’re not just having a random win here or there; you’re showing up consistently and it’s just part of your strategy.

This is when publicity is not overwhelming anymore, and it actually feels really exciting and energizing for the rest of your business!

The thing is, moving from being totally daunted to being a Dominator is not as hard as it might sound or feel. In fact, you can move through the 5 levels quickly, so if fast-tracking your success is your goal, that’s exactly what I’ll help you do inside the Get Seen, Get Successful Mentorship. This is THE support that will help you and your business get the visibility and confidence you deserve!!!

What do you want to know about dominating your publicity? Or if you’re already doing it, what’s your best tip? Share below!

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