Would you love to make your perceived competition irrelevant and set yourself apart using publicity? If so, you’re dreaming of what I call the “Differentiator” stage (the 4th stage) of publicity.

This stage looks like:

✔️Showing up and being visible more consistently
✔️Finding a place to regularly contribute value as a writer like The Huffington Post
✔️Appearing on podcasts you’ve identified are in your niche

When you’re a Differentiator, publicity is feeling GOOD to you, and you’re getting a taste of traction from it. People are:

✔️responding positively to your features,
✔️finding you from your appearances
✔️joining your list
✔️Coming into your Facebook group
✔️and/or showing up in your e-mail & Facebook inboxes.

Best of all, you’re feeling confident in your business, you know you’re onto a strategy that WORKS for you and that you can replicate over and over to grow your business and client list as big as you choose.

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And share with us below, are you a Differentiator? How did you get there? Or, is this something you aspire to? Why?