If you’ve tried your hand at some publicity, maybe done a live video, pitched a podcast, or published an article or a few, then you’re a Dabbler.

You have taken the first step or 2 to put your feet in the waters of publicity; you’re playing with it.

Maybe you’re envisioning yourself on your favorite podcast, you have a topic you’d like to talk about, you’ve started a list of where you want to be, you’ve reached out and pitched someone, or offered to be a guest blogger.

You don’t have a clear plan, you’re not totally confident that what you’re doing is working, but you’ve have moved through the fear enough to start playing with it. You’ve started! Congratulations!

Your work is to start to look at how to differentiate yourself by getting more strategic and consistent and creating a plan to maximize those features to build your audience and client list.

Is this you? What questions do you have about moving up from being a publicity Dabbler? Or, how did you move past this stage yourself?

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