We have talked about a lot of different strategies this week, so today I'm going to keep it very simple and answer this question: how often should I follow up?

Here's what I recommend:
Send your initial email follow up as soon as possible after your Connection call, either the day of or the day after.
Then generally I recommend following up once a week for a couple of weeks, and then moving to every other week for a month, and then moving to monthly.

When you are providing value, being genuine, and sending individualized emails that aren't just generic, then your prospect is always going to be happy to hear from you. Simple as that.

However, use your intuition and if you are having an email conversation back-and-forth, then change up your dates and adjust accordingly.

Your ideal client may share something that causes you to change this timeline too. Additionally, there are many times when I wake up with a potential client in particular on my mind, or have her name come to me during the day. In those cases I listen to my intuition and I follow up with her. More than once I've gotten a response like "Oh my gosh it's so crazy that I'm hearing from you now, thank you so much for writing today because I was just thinking about you!!"

Now share with us, is there a schedule you keep when following up? What questions do you have about it?

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