Today, if you’re not sure to who to follow up with, here are 2 questions to ask yourself to decide:

1. Am I excited to work with this person?
If the answer is "yes," then keep following up. I've had clients who've been part of my community for months or even over a year before they were ready to work with me, but once they made up their mind, they paid in full!

I knew from the first time we connected that they were totally ideal and women I could support to make a real difference in their business and lives, but they had their own path to working with me. My job was to keep providing them value and show them the possibility. (I've also had clients sign up with me very quickly, the day we spoke for the first time, because they were already very clear on the support they desired and knew I was the right fit, so it doesn't have to take a long time, but it's important to be open to that and not write people off.)

If something in your intuition or some other factor is telling you that they might not be a great fit, might be a headache, or might even be a toxic client for you, then just say NO and let them go, even if you really want to be getting a paying client. It won’t serve you or them to do otherwise.

Building businesses we’re passionate about and this requires our time & energy, and we invest ourselves heavily in the creation of our products and services, and in our relationships with our clients. It’s important to be clear about who you want to work with, listen to your intuition, and only follow up with those people.

2. Have they told me “no?”
One thing I heard form Lacey Craig that I love is, treat them as a “yes” until they say “no.”

Not responding to your emails is not a “no.” It might just mean they’re busy, so keep following up. If they said something on the phone like, “I’d love to work with you, let me see how I can get the money,” or “Sounds good, maybe later this year,” these are not “no!”

Do these connections the service of believing that they are an empowered person who is TOTALLY capable of finding or creating the money to work with you, and keep following up, providing value, and helping them see the possibility of how working with you can benefit them.

If you ask yourself both of these questions, it will make your list of who to follow up with much clearer, and you can set about sending them emails with valuable resources and insights to help them, and build that relationship!

What questions do you have about these questions or this approach? Ask below!