We’ve been talking for the last couple of days about big, overall strategies, so we’re going to simplify here and take it down to a very specific task:

Every time you speak to someone about working together, if they’re someone you’d like to work with, send a follow-up email either the day of, or within 24 hours of, your call (or initial contact, if it was in-person or via email).

I recommend that you send them an email letting them know how much you enjoyed your conversation and how specifically you would propose to work with them, then asking what questions they have.

This is SO important! It keeps you top-of-mind, lets your potential client know that you listened, care, and want to work with them too. It’s not the ONLY time you’re going to follow up with them (see day 1 for an example of how to follow up later on), but it is a great, powerful start.

What questions do you have about this initial follow-up? Or have you done this and found it works well? Share below!