Ready to get visible without feeling overwhelmed?

Let’s talk about a non-overwhelming way to approach video to grow your business. Here’s what I do:

I livestream once a week about a topic I’m talking about in my group. Then, I download and repurpose it by:
✔️Putting it on YouTube
✔️Uploading it to my Facebook business page
✔️Linking it in the next newsletter to my email list

What if you don’t have your own group or email list?

That’s fine too! Go live once a week from your business page, even if it only has a few likes!

Done is better than perfect, and there are people out there who need to hear what you have to say in the way that only you are going to say it!

It’s simple, and it gets you consistently visible in multiple places.

Is this a strategy you’d like to try? What comes to mind as you think about doing it? What's one of your favorite ways to repurpose videos or to WATCH videos?

Share with us below!

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