Instant visibility please? Let me tell you a story...

My client Rachel came to me with a big fear of being on video, but I could see that her personality, warmth, and knowledge was going to translate very well and instantly connect her to her ideal clients, so together, we created a plan for her to get started.

She recorded short videos and sent what she thought was the best take to me first, and I gave her honest feedback about whether they were ready to be posted (because she was so freaked out that, if she could even make herself watch them back, it was likely never going to feel good enough for her to put them up).

Guess what happened? Her comfort level greatly increased within weeks, and ALSO within weeks, she started signing paying clients, without a website, without spending money on ads, without an email list.

Why? She got visible in a way that worked for her and her personality even though it felt scary, got consistent, and her confidence not only about being on video, but also about her business overall, skyrocketed as a result.

One of my superpowers is helping my clients gain confidence in themselves so that they can take strategic action to grow their business without feeling overwhelmed. With my degrees in communications, decade of running an online marketing business, and customized support so that you get a solution that works for YOU, I can help you do the same. If you’re interested in finding out what my support could do to grow your business, you’re invited to book a call with me here:

What's one way to get visible that fits your personality or feels good to you? Share below!