When my coach first challenged me to do a selfie-style video for Life With Passion, I was like, “Whaaaaaaat?! No.”

I studied video production in undergrad and graduate school. I created an award-winning documentary for PBS, commercials, music videos, and shows. My standards for production value (lighting, sound, set, camera shots) were EXTREMELY HIGH. So...I let that perfectionistic attitude toward video hold me back from capitalizing on the power of video to connect with my audience for a LONG TIME. I felt like it--and I--needed to be gorgeous, perfect, polished, and uber-professional.

When I did my first webinars, I didn’t show myself on screen at all. Just slides. And even though I’d been a professor, teaching people of all ages, I was still intimidated.

Finally, with accountability, I just made a practice video one day out at the barn, recording myself sharing my horse, Graley, and myself. It was bad, babe. Real bad. BUT, I did it, and I learned, and that’s how I got started.

Then I started Periscoping and got comfortable “blocking and talking” because there were so many trolls there. But guess what? It got me practice, positive feedback among the crazies (like a woman from Saudi Arabia emailing me to thank me because I inspired her that there was hope for her to be her own woman), AND paying clients, so it was well worth it!

When Facebook Live came around, it was months before I could use it, because I’d unknowingly uploaded an ad for a marketing client with copyrighted music in it, and as a result, Facebook had banned me personally from doing ANYTHING with video, and they told me it was probably permanent. That freaked me out because I was afraid I’d be left behind, but I kept at it on Periscope and kept building my Facebook group and email list anyway.

I’m thankful to report that the ban only lasted a year, and I was able to hop on the Facebook Live train last summer.

Now, I’m comfortable--and actually love--live streaming for an hour or more, I’ve been asked to guest livestream in multiple Facebook groups, and when I host trainings, I actually don’t use slides because I prefer to connect with my audience “face-to-face.” I have a growing YouTube channel and I’ve gotten many clients because they connected with a video they saw me in somewhere.

That’s my story. I share it with you so that you’ll know that it’s ok to start where you are. It’s ok if you have fears or aren’t perfect the first time you do it. It’s ok, it’s worth it, and you can start today.

Can you relate to any of my story? Which parts?

What questions do you have about how to get started? Or, if you're already a pro, share YOUR best tips with us below!