I believe a consistent mindset practice is key to consistency.

As a sensitive person who’s often very affected by others’ feelings, it’s important for me to make a bit of time to check in with MYSELF before diving into a bunch of to-dos. Even though it once seemed counter-intuitive to me (really? Take MORE time to do something else? I don’t have enough time for everything as it is!), what I’ve found again and again is that my most productive, motivated and inspired days ALWAYS start with my mindset practice.

It helps me remember why I’m doing what I’m doing, listen to my own intuition, and find peace. From that space, it’s SO much easier, and more powerful, to show up, every day, for my business, for my clients, for my community.

Here’s what mine looks like:
Each morning, I create a bit of quiet time for myself to focus for the day. My practice usually includes writing down what I’m grateful for (at least 10 things), reading affirmations, and breathing and meditating, even if just for 3 minutes.

This practice grounds me and helps me get and stay on track for the whole day. It reminds me of the things that are going RIGHT and gets me excited about the things that I’m visualizing coming true!

You don’t have to be perfect at it. Even 1 day a week is going to reap rewards and reinforce itself, so you’ll find yourself wanting to do it more. If you miss the morning, do it later in the day. As with everything in business-building (and this WILL help you build your business, even if it doesn’t feel directly related), done is better than perfect :)

Do you have a mindset practice, or do you want to try one? What questions do you have about this? Share with us below!