Today, for How to be Consistently Consistent, we’re talking about how you can be more consistent by protecting your energy.

If you’re using Facebook to build your business, this is for you.

I think a lot of times, the reason we’re not consistent is simply because we’re overwhelmed, and it’s important to protect ourselves from adding to that overwhelm. Facebook is reallllly good at overwhelming you with information and emotion.

And, I often say that Facebook is like a casino--they don’t want you to leave and they make it hard for you to!

So a HUGE hack to get consistent is to beat the game, set a timer, get in, post, respond, and get out!!!

I recommend you be strict with yourself about this, especially in the beginning, because scrolling and refreshing drains your energy and causes decision fatigue, and this can lead to overwhelm, which causes lack of consistency.

If I’m feeling tired, or overwhelmed or in any way vulnerable, annoyed, or triggered, I make a point to stay off of (or close out of) Facebook. It doesn’t do anyone good if I show up from that place.

Protect your precious energy and time, and you will find yourself more consistent!

Share below: Is this a strategy you’d like to try? Or how have you helped yourself be consistent?