Today let’s talk about how getting inconsistent can happen in a sneaky way.

Recently, more than one of my clients was finding that she was showing up for everyone else’s needs instead of hers. They were helping people for free who needed it, doing things that were important to other people in their life, and neglecting their business. Often this is because there’s a confusion around some part of their business, like attracting clients or closing sales, so they return to doing something they’re comfortable with and that gets rewarded (because they helped someone), but that doesn’t actually move their business forward or result in sales.

In our work together, I gently hold up a mirror to what they’re doing, and the awareness and insight, combined with the accountability to change things, helps them to very quickly form a new habit of consistency.

Can you relate to my clients? Have you found yourself showing up for other people and not yourself and your business? Are you “in it” right now, or have you found something to help you move through it?

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