Being consistent is not about just making ourselves do something. Most of the time, if we struggle with consistency, beating ourselves up about it is going to be counter-productive. And that definitely doesn’t feel good when we’re building passion-based businesses, right?

It’s more about noticing that you haven’t been, and asking “Why?” For example, are you overwhelmed, unsure, or stuck on something? Do you not have a plan for what to do to be consistent, and so that leaves you avoiding it because of the lack of clarity?

If any of these things are at play, you’re not going to act rationally and do what you think you “should” do. This is when we get into mindlessly scrolling Facebook or Instagram, or doing research that isn’t really going to move us forward.

So this is about looking at what’s going on under the surface that’s keeping you from showing up, and then doing whatever you need to do to address it. Maybe journaling will help you process through it. Maybe you’re ready for a deeper, more ongoing level of support, like hiring a coach you know is the right fit for you so that you show up consistently, working on the right tasks.

Whatever you feel is what you need in order to be able to show up consistently, I invite you to make that next step, get that support, do that processing, even if it feels scary, because your intuition is talking to you, and it’s pretty darn smart :).

When you ask yourself what’s going on under the surface that’s keeping you from being consistent, what answer comes up? And what will you do to process and move through it? Share below!