To become memorable, you have to be willing to be vulnerable.

This is so uncomfortable to many people (for many reasons) that a lot of them just hide out, out of fear or feeling overwhelmed.

Ain't no way to build a business, girl.

Personal stories make you memorable. Sharing your struggles makes you REAL. If you act like everything is perfect all the time, it comes off as plastic and boring.

What do you remember about the people you follow? Do you remember the personal insights they share, things they've overcome, challenges they've had, or do you remember their straight promotional posts?

It matters not what you are selling--share the STORY behind it. As Simon Sinek says, people don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it.

You may know that I am so passionate about helping women do what they love, and get and stay out of their 9-5 jobs, because I spent years in a job that I hated so much, I was praying to get laid off and even wishing my car would go off the road. I KNEW I was capable of, and had big dreams, but I didn't know how to achieve them and I didn't have someone to show me the way. Now, my intention is to light the way and be that person for my clients.

Yes, sharing will be uncomfortable, especially at first. But, if your business matters to you, this is a non-negotiable. It is required. Why? Because it gives people a reason to buy from you!

You do not have to share everything or the thing that scares you most to start. Begin with something that feels more comfortable, doable. Talk about why you started your business or why you care about helping the people you help. Start there.

I know I'm throwing down a gauntlet a little bit here, but you know I wouldn't do that unless it was that important.

So my challenge to you today is to share below one story behind why you do what you do below!

Get it, girl! :) Looking forward to learning YOUR why.


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