Do you find yourself being either 1000% on or totally hiding out? Getting really excited about your business and then getting really discouraged, sitting on the couch and binging on Netflix and your favorite comfort snack?

Are you wondering how to be more consistent to grow your business?

Then this series is for you.

This week let's discuss How To Be Consistently Consistent!

First of all, I believe that the 2 keys to a successful business are consistency and persistence. Notice I didn’t say “having a huge list” or “running lots of Facebook ads” or “having an awesome website” or “being perfect when you launch.” :)

How do we GET to having a big email list, a booked out business, or whatever other metric you’d love to have right now?

By showing up every day, taking the opportunities in front of you, and gaining consistency.

So, are you showing up for yourself and your business every day, even if just for 5 minutes? If not, there’s an opportunity to be more consistent.

Right now, are you showing up 5 minutes every day? Share yes and celebrate if you are, and share no and why you think that is if you’re not! Share below!