Are you freaked out about calls? Here’s a simple approach to take the pressure off you AND your potential client.

Think about it like a date, not married at first sight :) Have a conversation and get to know each other. Don’t go into it thinking, “Ahhhh, now I have to sell them.” Reframe this and think about it, instead of as a sales conversation, as an open conversation. It’s like a date--you’re both checking each other out to see if you’re the right fit. This is how I run my Clarity Calls. Then, you BOTH get to decide if you’re excited about working together (going on more dates, eventually becoming “an item,” etc.)

I had a conversation with a friend who runs his own business recently, and he asked me how I do it all, especially now that I have a baby. The answer is simple: I only work with people I’m excited to support. He said, “I wish I could say the same!” When you’re giving of yourself to your clients (mine get my full attention and energy), building a passion-filled business with limited time and resources, it’s SO important to preserve your excitement and create an upward spiral where you get energy from working with your clients, rather than them draining you (because then, what’s the point?).

So in your conversation, ask questions. Make it about THEM. Lean back. Show up fully, and let it be their decision.

How does it feel to make that shift? Or do you have questions about this approach? Share with us below!

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