Let’s dive into how to calm your nerves & increase your confidence around sales.

You can start, right now, by making this shift in your mind:

I come from a place of SERVICE, not sales. I am showing up today to explore whether what I have to offer is the right fit to help this person, or these people.

Again, this comes from focusing inward, and taking responsibility for what you can control--your approach, and your confidence, what you have to offer, and the service or transformation it provides.

If you’re not sure exactly what those are, you’re not going to be selling. This is an inside job and you already have what you need.

Maybe you just need some support to bring it out, and if that’s the case, I’d love to talk to you about whether my support is the right fit for that (it happens to be one of my superpowers :). You can book your free call here to learn more: https://calendly.com/lifewithpassion/claritycall

Now, comment below--do you believe you have something to offer? Are you clear on what that is? Or do you wish you had more confidence around it?

Share below and practice talking about it in an authentic, genuine way!