Today we're talking about 2 little words that are POWERHOUSES for super-charging your messaging!

These 2 little words automatically connect your clients to the benefits you offer them.

These magical words: "so that."

Really, Christine? That's it? "So that?"

Yes. Allow me to explain :)

When you're putting a post out there, it's important to explain exactly how the value you're sharing will support or help your ideal client, so that they can picture how awesome it could be to use your strategy or product, sign up for your freebie, or work with you.


 My FREE PDF, "Top 5 Things To Do To Get Your First (or Next!) Client" will show you:

💥That you DO have somebody you are already able to serve and you are totally ready, where you are now, to do that

💥How to get clarity on who you want to serve & how

💥Where to find your missing confidence so that you can serve your clients well

I'd love for you to gain all these and more by downloading your workbook here:
See how that works?

Now's your chance to try it out, ask questions, and get feedback SO THAT you can start using these magical words for yourself!

Share with us below one thing you do for your clients, including "so that" in the description!