Today we're talking about creating posts that stand out and make you memorable!

How do we do that, and what do we say?

The thing that I'd love for you to remember with anything that you write is that people are probably not going to remember what you said, but they will remember how reading your words made them feel.

So, with each post, think about how you want them to feel. Informed? Motivated? Inspired?

And then...Write about what they WANT to know. If you’ve talked to your ideal clients already, this is easy.

Example: I know my people want to have more confidence and that I cnan help them get it. So I infuse that in to everything I write, whether I'm talking about creating your packages or I'm talking about how to increase your overall confidence. Make sense?

If you don’t know what your people want, ask.

If you don’t know who your people are, then start there.

If you don't have clarity on these 2 things (who your people are and what they want), then your posts will feel scattered and will likely fall flat.

If you do, and you keep what they want in front of you, and write to that, you will see engagement!

Inside the post:
Notice the length of post you like to read, and let that be a good starting point for you as you create.

Always include a photo of something you or your ideal client likes and that relates to the post. The photo is what makes them stop scrolling to read.

Be willing to engage beyond the initial post. Ask for their response at the end of the post by asking questions that allow them to share vulnerably or also share what’s worked for them. Respond to comments. Encourage people to engage.

What questions do you have about this? Or what works for you when writing content?