Yesterday we talked about one strategy for pricing; today we’re talking about another.

Now, the second way is to choose a number and see how it makes you FEEL. That might sound kind of out there, but stick with me :)

If you’re not confident in your price, if you feel like you can hardly say the words, if you feel the need to explain why it’s worth it, or justify it, your potential client is going to sense that and is not going to be comfortable paying it.

So in this case, it doesn’t matter if you’ve looked around to see what other people are charging or what your teacher or coach is charging and based your number on that external thing. If you don’t believe it’s worth it internally, you are going to have a heck of a hard time selling it.

I recommend selling your first service-based package or two at a price that feels like, “If I have someone I’m really excited about working with, and they don’t take me up at this price, they’re crazy.”

We’re not actually calling them crazy, but more finding that confidence within ourselves that we KNOW, deep-down, that this is a good, good offer that they’re going to get a TON of value out of.

This strategy will build your confidence, which is CRUCIAL to your success, so that you can get momentum, work with more clients, and raise your prices when you're ready.

So, what’s that number for you? What comes up around this for you?