Day 1: Get clear on what you're offering.

You know I'm all about clarity, simplicity and focus, because THAT's how you grow your business (NOT by doing all the things), so today I want you to choose ONE offer. Just one!!!

Does that freak you out? Afraid of leaving people out? Well, last week we talked about fear of missing out, so if you need to, just search "FOMO" so just scroll down for previous posts and you'll get my best tips for moving through it :).

Confused people don't buy, so if you're not clear on what you're offering, your potential clients & customers won't be either.

You can ALWAYS expand later, but starting with one offering (and then pricing it well and offering it consistently) is how you build a thriving business. So it STARTS with clarity on what you're offering.

For example, when I started Life With Passion, my only offer was a one-on-one coaching program. That's it.

While I created 2 self-study courses in response to what my community asked for, and offer one-time private intensives, my one-on-one program is the main way I work with clients today, because that's where they get the biggest results, and as Lacey Craig would say, "That's where the magic happens."

How about you? Are you clear on your offering?