This quote so accurately sums up where most of us live when we're struggling to make a decision. Usually, we're looking at it out of something we did or heard or saw in the past, or out of our spectre fears of what might happen in the future. These viewpoints keep us stuck.

Neither is real for where you are, right now, in the present, today, because YOU get to decide how that decision turns out, how you show up for it, and the results you get from it.

The present moment is where all of your power resides.

What do you want TODAY?

Trust your beautiful, sensitive, intuitive self that what you want is GOOD and that you have that dream or desire for a reason.

Trust yourself that the way to get it will appear as you take action, and do so today. Listen to your intuition and take the smallest step out in faith today.

Can you relate to trying to make a decision based on what you saw in the past or what you fear for the future? How could that be different if you listened to your intuition and chose from a place of power TODAY?

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