It’s Day 2 of How To Sign Your First Or Next Paying Client!

Once you’ve chosen your ONE way to offer your services(see Day 1), the next thing is to offer them just ONE THING.

Why? Why not give people options?
Because confused people don’t buy, and they don’t know you well enough yet to get to know you AND multiple services you offer without getting confused.

So, be SPECIFIC. Talk about your ONE package and the benefits it offers them, not just the structure of the package, product or service.

For instance, I mainly share about my 6-month private mentorship because it is absolutely transformational. Its benefits include that it helps my clients overcome their self-doubt and grow their business in a way that feels GOOD and without overwhelm, and they consistently say it’s the best money they’ve ever spent on themselves or their business! You can see more benefits here and use them as inspiration to create your own:

I’ve talked about it consistently since the beginning of my business, and though I’ve added other things along the way, it’s still the main thing.

So tell us, what one thing are you offering right now, and why is it AWESOME for your potential clients? Have you found that offering one service has helped you grow your business? Or where are you feeling stuck with choosing or creating your one thing?