Lack of knowing what to say!

A lot of times we feel like we have nothing to say that hasn’t already been said, or we’re not inspired, so we just read everyone else’s clever posts and half-heartedly hit “like” on a few and don’t put ourselves or our offerings out there. Another day gone by. Womp WOOOMMMMMP.

Here’s a hack I resisted for YEARS that has changed the way I operate on a daily basis--I write my content ahead of time, in chunks. Yes everyone talks about this. Yes this is nothing new. Yes it took me years to actually DO it regularly. For a long time, I would get up, think about what I wanted to say today, and then write it up in the group. An hour later, I’d be relieved that I delivered something of value to you, but I’d already be feeling behind because the day was gone. I’d also wake up each morning with the pressure of, “What am I going to say today!?!”

My mom is great about working ahead. I did not inherit that gene; declaring for years that I “worked better under pressure” and banging out AP English papers the night before like a boss. That worked for me as a dorky teenager with adrenaline on my side, but now I’m all about creating systems, structures, and processes that allow me to be present in my life, for my baby, for my clients, and in a way that GIVES me energy rather than drains it.

Like this post, for instance (and all the posts for this week). It’s Saturday afternoon as I’m writing this, ALONE (except the dogs) in my house, knowing I’ll be posting it on a future Saturday morning. I’m cranking it out, feeling inspired and excited, and I also know I’ll head into the week feeling clear, because a DAILY task that used to put pressure on me is now d-d-d-d-DONE-ZO.

Creating space for your inspiration and planning and working ahead might take some structure and accountability, thought and work to find what works best for you, but it is THE solution to the “I don’t know what to sayyyyyy” syndrome.

How about you? Does this help? Have you ever tried it before? What questions do you have about overcoming the fear of “I don’t know what to say!”?