Feeling discouraged because you tried and feel like it didn’t work.

I want to remind you of something, my friends. Consistency is the key to building a business. It’s not a one time post thing, like we talked about last week, and if someone says it is, they’re LYING TO YOU. LY-ING.

Sure, maybe someone had a post blow up because they used one of those annoying comment ladders (don’t like, don’t use). But I guarantee that it wasn’t the first thing they did in business. They first had to do the work of figuring out what their person wanted to hear, where their person was hanging out, and what to offer that person who would find it valuable.

So there’s ALWAYS more behind-the-scenes work that happens than you see. It’s like the iceberg analogy--most of it is unseen.

Example: I’ve had 2 articles featured by The Huffington Post, one on the Business homepage and one on the Lifestyle homepage. Big deal, right? BUT. I first pitched Huffington Post back in NOVEMBER OF 2015. I was so disappointed that I didn’t get approved (no response, no nothing) that it took me 9 months to pitch again. This time, aha, I was IN, with a personal note back from Arianna herself! Obviously we are besties now. (Not really but STILL I treasure that email!). So, I published my first article in August 2016 and then it took me 6 months of posting to get an article featured (in February). The next one got featured in April, so much sooner because I learned some stuff and got more consistent.

But it never would have happened if the first time I put an article out there, I thought, “This is doomed to fail because it didn’t get featured; I obviously suck and so does my business,” and I walked away. Naw-what-I’m-sayin’?

This is where support can be key. Someone (or someones!) to encourage you and pick you back up when you’re feeling down. This is one of the things you all do SO well in this community--encourage each other. I’m an encourager by nature (I used to send secret encouragement notes to people when I was a kid) so this is so important! So is having the strategy piece, and my clients get both, but having that support in the entrepreneurial journey is KEY, because we’re building businesses we’re passionate about so that we can enjoy our lives, right?

How about you? Have you been discouraged because you’re feeling like you put yourself out there and it didn’t work? What’s one way you could ask for support to turn that around? Or, how do you keep yourself motivated along the journey?