I think often, there’s this belief, and it’s perpetuated by a lot of the ads and posts that we see, that says something like, “If I put one post out there with my big idea then I’ll book out my services or program right away.”

And when that doesn’t happen after the first, or maybe the second, time we announce ourselves to what feels like the whole world, we get discouraged, we think we’re failing, and then we start hiding out.

The TRUTH is that people are watching. They’re always watching. Not in a creepy way :), but in a way like, “Hmmmm, she seems really excited. I’m going to see if this actually turns into something, and she sticks with it and keeps showing up for it because she believes in it.” It may be totally unconscious, but that happens. And then when you do keep showing up, they start to recognize your name, recognize what you talk about, your photos, your writing style, and then they might check you out.


People who appear to be overnight successes have been working on things behind-the-scenes for a long time before anyone noticed. They may not share that in their posts, often because they’re selling something that sounds like it can make you an overnight success.

But business-building takes work. I don’t say this to discourage you. I say this to be real, and because I know you’re not afraid of putting in the work.

So much of this work is consistency. Consistently visible. If there’s one secret to business-building, it’s consistent visibility with a consistent message.

Yes, you can change your message, services, etc. without messing everything up. I have. Yes, I follow my inspiration. BUT, I don’t change it very often or impulsively.

Often, consistency requires accountability & support. It's one of the big reasons people (myself included!) hire coaches to help us achieve our goals.

What about you? Have you ever felt this way? Can you relate? How do you achieve consistency with your visibility and your message?