Here’s the thing about building a business online: just like in person, relationships are still key!

When we’re selling premium, high-value services, there is a major relationship factor that gets established first.

People can feel afraid of being scammed, and it’s your job to show them the value in what you have to offer. Not the HOW or the structure so much as the benefits of what they’re going to get.

Example of the HOWs and the WHATs:
My 6-month mentorship includes bi-weekly calls, a half-day intensive, weekly accountability check-ins, and promotions to my community.

Cool, right?

How about this?
My 6-month mentorship teaches you to:
✔️Build a business with freedom of time and schedule
✔️Fill your business with paying clients you love
✔️Learn your Zone of Genius & design a business around it
✔️Price & sell your services without feeling slimy or "salesy"
✔️Get over the fear, overwhelm & anxiety that's been keeping you stuck
✔️Focus on the right tasks to quickly grow your business
✔️Re-discover the truth of who you really are and apply that to your business
✔️Feel freer, lighter, happier, and more confident
✔️Make good money on your own terms

Do you care HOW I do that as much as that you get these benefits & results? No way, right? You care about what you get out of it!!!

Does that make sense? What questions do you have around how to translate that for your business, or what have you found that’s worked for you to sell your benefits?