When I was about to hire my first coach, I was freeeeeaking out (on the inside, in my own special introverted way) because it was new, I’d never done it, and I was scared of making a mistake and blowing my money. I called my dad, and he gave me this great nugget of wisdom which I repeat to this day: “The most important thing when hiring a coach is to choose someone you feel like you can learn from.”

I asked myself that question--did I believe I could learn from her? YES.

How did I know?

Well, she “got” me and my struggles, she’d been there, and had found the kind of success I desired.

I related to her story, though we weren’t exactly alike, I LIKED her, and I thought she could teach me what I wanted to learn.

So I gathered up my courage, sat down at the computer with wide eyes, entered my card number, and hired her.

And if she wasn’t visible with herself and her story and her results, then I wouldn’t have had enough info or insight to be able to make that decision!

Getting support and accountability is what’s enabled me to achieve my dreams, personally and in my business, in a really short time.

It’s NOT about having a website and your ideal clients searching the web and randomly coming across you late one night.

It’s about making a plan for who you desire to serve and believing you can help them (want some totally business-changing help with this? Check out Know Your Niche http://bit.ly/know-your-niche-challenge)!

It’s about getting in front of them, finding them where they are and showing up for them because you KNOW you can help them and your desire is to meet them where they are right now, so that you show them what’s possible with your help.

Do you believe that someone needs to hear what you have to say?