It’s Day 4 of How To Sign Your First Or Next Paying Client!

If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed when you read these posts this week, which I'm feeling like many of you have, I invite you to check in with yourself.

Now I know, this is the last thing that most of us high-achievers want to do, even those of us who are highly sensitive and intuitive (I'm raising my own hand here).

BUT, it's also THE #1 THING to do if you're feeling stuck or overwhelmed.

Where is your head about this? Is the idea of selling making you feel sick?

Truth: As long as you’re freaked out about sales, you’re likely not going to be making them.

And (tough love): you’re actually making it about YOU and your fear, and not about the people who you can help! And I KNOW your desire is actually to make a difference in the world with what you offer.

But, when you’re feeling a ton of pressure in every conversation or potential conversation, trying to figure out if/how/when they will become a client, when you do connect with people, they can feel that desperation in your tone of voice and approach.

That’s not going to do anyone any good, right? So how do you get out of that?

You start with exploring that you genuinely DO desire to help people, and ALSO that it's ok to get paid for that!

How about you? Can you relate to this? Have you ever felt this way? If you used to, how did you overcome it?