This week we're talking allll about how to get your first or next paying client (YAY!).

And, as the Queen of Simplicity, I'm making this very simple! I'm here to take the guesswork and overwhelm out of this for you, like I do for my clients.

To get your first or next paying client, choose ONE STRATEGY to follow!

There are sooooo many ways to get clients:
➡️️Facebook posts
➡️️Facebook groups
➡️️Facebook pages
➡️️Facebook LIVE
➡️️Facebook Ads
➡️️Email marketing
➡️️Guest posting

AHHHHHHHHH!!!! (Am I right?)

People get clients in ALL of these ways, and I've tested many of these, but in the beginning, when I was doing this on my own, and many times throughout, I only focused on ONE.

Choosing ONE gets you traction. Choosing ONE gets you momentum.

So stop overwhelming yourself and choose ONE!

How do you choose? Again, it's simple (yay!):

I recommend asking yourself, "What would be the most FUN way for me to get my first or next client?" And do THAT. Why? Because we're creating a business with passion, not drudgery. And, if something's fun for you, you're more likely to stick with it, and your excitement around it will come through!

Which one do YOU choose? Bonus points if you tell us why!