This week, we've been talking about how to be consistent in your business without getting overwhelmed.

Today, ask yourself, when do I feel most motivated to work on my business? At what time of day, or what time in the week? Observe and note.

For me, it's mornings (pictured: a magical magical magnificent breakfast I had at The Ritz London that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. Metaphors about setting the table for the day apply). I can crank out content like a copywriting queen, set my priorities, simplify, and head into the day feeling like a rock star. BUT if something gets in the way (hello, 6 month old! catching up on sleep!), the longer the day goes on, the longer it takes me to write something. SO, I've noticed that this is a pattern and I do my best to protect even a bit of that maximum productivity time for my business. If it's getting up a bit earlier, or not going back to bed after an early morning feeding, or locking myself away during naptime, voice dictating things to my phone as they come to me...there are a lot of different ways this looks.

And the same can be true for you. Instead of just thinking all day about how you need to be working on your business, or you should be working on your business, schedule in even 5 minutes of time in your most productive period to sit down and work on your business and then all that pressure and chatter of "needs and shoulds" in your brain will stop.

How about you?

When's your best time? Or how will you begin protecting 5 minutes a day to build your business?