This week, we're talking about how to be consistent in your business without getting overwhelmed.

Today, let's talk about lack of time and how to deal with that.

So often, what I find is that the actual, money-making tasks that need to get done in our businesses don't actually take that much time on a daily basis.

What DOES take time are:

-All of the OTHER things we feel like we should be doing because we're afraid that otherwise we're going to miss out.

-All the thinking about the tasks, hoping we're going to find time to get to them, procrastinating because we're not sure how, getting overwhelmed and losing momentum and then getting stuck and having to find a way to dig ourselves out of that stuck place

My business model is very simple and I've only expanded it as it's grown. But basically it comes down to these things:
-Connecting with my community, providing value and offers
-Serving my clients & community well

The most basic money-making tasks that come out of that are:
-Daily relationship-building through Facebook posts & comments (we addressed that earlier this week)
-Email Newsletters (minimum 1/week)

Seriously, that's IT. Yes, I include offers in both occasionally. Yes, there are a lot of different ways to connect with people and help them decide whether you're a good fit to help them. But the truth is, if I didn't do ANYTHING but these things, I'd still get clients.

SO, stop telling yourself you need to optimize every profile, post everywhere, have this or that perfect or update it because you just listened to this person's training or livestream and you now realize your thing is still not good enough.

Today I want you to take a deep breath and ask, what are the most basic money-making tasks in your business? And where can you carve out the few minutes it will take each day to complete them?