This week, we're talking about how to be consistent in your business without getting overwhelmed.

Today, I'd like for you to think about Facebook groups like your favorite local coffee shops.

Here's what I mean:
Hundreds of people come in and out every day, stop by for the first or only time, pass through on their way somewhere else. There is also a smaller group of regulars who show up, start to get recognized, and build relationships. The baristas learn their drink (Mango India Tea Au Lait with almond milk!).

They slowly get to know each other, starting with a casual conversation, and building from there if the connection is good. Maybe people who use it as their office, like me, might ask each other, "I see you here a lot. What are you working on?" This might turn into an opportunity to explore each other's businesses and perhaps a new client or referral.

Last night, I was out writing at my coffee shop, and because I've never been there at night before, I asked the barista time they close. She told me I could stay as late as they were there cleaning up the store--because she knew me. (Side note, I did NOT, this girlfriend loves to go to bed early, but it warmed my little heart that I was special enough to get that invite :) I love being a VIP).

Now, the analogy isn't perfect, because here and in other Facebook groups, we can add a lot more value to each other's lives than just showing up and sitting at a neighboring table, but you get the point, right?

Find a Facebook group where you like the vibe, like you would at a local coffee shop, and start becoming a regular!

That's how you build relationships that lead to clients.

How about you? Has this been your experience, or can you see how this could help you build your business?