Happy Monday! Today we're talking about how to be consistent in your business without getting overwhelmed.

Let's start with Facebook :)

All too often, I see amazing women start to show up consistently, sharing their business and their message, and just as they're starting to gain momentum, they disappear (for a while) until something reinvigorates them and they reappear, but now they've got to start rebuilding that momentum again.

I've been there. I used to get really gung-ho, 1000% on THIS strategy being the one that would work for my business, show up for it for a period of time, posting in ALL THE GROUPS, seeing other people say how they got 5 million clients just from posting in Facebook groups, wonder why it wasn't working for me, what was wrong with me, and then get discouraged and say "forget it," back to the couch for Netflix, chips & cheese.

Here's the thing about Facebook--consistency is key, but clarity on how to use it is also very key, or else you will likely disappear into the black hole vortex of scrolling and zone out and waste time and get depressed and frustrated.

Here's what I recommend for ousting the overwhelm:
-writing your content ahead of time
-choosing 2-3 groups at most to post in
-checking in 2x a day while using a timer
-staying off Facebook (for business) the rest of the time

Can you relate? Have you been there? Have you found something that works for you? Share below!