This week, we’re talking about how to use accountability & support to grow your business.

Day 2: There are 2 main types of accountability, and each can serve a specific purpose.

First, there’s the friend--you are “holding each other accountable” to your individual goals, like getting your website done, or posting every day on Facebook, or getting up early to work out.
I remembered as I was writing this that I had accountability partners from my youth group in high school to help me stay on track with my spiritual goals. If you’re both in business, you might call this the mastermind partner (sounds kind of sinister, right? The MASTER plan? mwahahahahahahaaaaa)

I’ve had a lot of these over the years, with mixed results. The friend is often great for encouragement….but, so often what happens is that you’re friends because you’re in a similar place, so the strategy and simplification piece is missing. You’re both having similar struggles, and it’s amazing to have someone who understands them, but often you get busy and your best intentions to “really hold each other accountable” just get lost in other, more pressing priorities. I LOVE my mastermind partners, but honestly, this happens a lot as we’re both busy building our businesses.

Second, there’s the coach you hire to speed up your results timeline by providing you with simple strategies & support for your self-belief. She also builds in real accountability to actually follow through.

This coach has been there, actually know what works rather than a friend telling you that they heard about this or that and how well it’s working for so and so...and further overwhelming you because now you have another thing you should check out. A coach is the fastest way to get you the results you want with simplicity and clarity, so you no longer have to figure out everything on your own and THEN find the willpower to overcome procrastination and get it ALL done, wondering which is going to work and when.

Even though I know A LOT and I've been running my own businesses for 12 years, I now work with coaches who are farther along than me, so that I am continuing to learn, grow, and bring my best to my business and my clients. I know the overwhelm of NOT being supported (ran businesses that way for a decade!), and I also know the freedom and fast results I get when I've hired someone who can teach me and hold me accountable to what I need.

How about you?

Have you tried one or both types of accountability? What’s worked for you?