Welcome to day 4 of my conversation about Grief + Gratitude!

The biggest lesson grief has taught me:
Grief gave me the all-powerful lesson that life is largely a CHOICE, that we get to choose how we show up for it, and that the majority of how we experience life (90%!) is up to us. Before Maeve died, I never knew or understood how “your thoughts and words create your reality.” I knew I had a tendency to focus on the negative, yes, I knew I had a tendency to be perfectionistic, and I knew I didn’t have what I wanted.

Grief helped me see that I COULD go after what I wanted, that it was worth the risk, that I could always go back to being less happy or the same level of happiness if trying didn’t work, but that it was up to ME how I wanted to let grief define me. You can learn this lesson in other, easier, ways, but that’s what it took for me.

And guess what? I’m GRATEFUL for that :)

Grief and gratitude--this is all about learning to live with the AND, rather than the black and white of either/or, and learning to use both to your great advantage, because though your story looks different than mine, you’ve experienced both in your life, too.

Now, I'm so grateful that my work time is filled with clients and work I absolutely love. Working one-on-one with them to overcome their own doubts and fears, to own their stories, and to use them to help others AND help themselves, is what I KNOW I’m meant to be doing. And I also get to write and share and speak and honor and remember Maeve as part of my business <3.

How about you?

How did you learn the lesson that we have a choice in how we create our lives? Or where will you make a choice today to move toward your dreams?