Today's Day 3 of our conversation about Grief + Gratitude, and how embracing both can help you build your business.

When we’re building freedom-based businesses online, usually the thing that causes people to hire us or buy from us is that they feel connected to us in some way. Your people value being genuine and authentic, just like you do.

Your grief, however large or small (there is no hierarchy!!!) can be a way to connect people to you--but let me be clear, NOT in an attention-seeking way. If you’re scared of coming across that way, of being one of “those people,” that means that it’s very likely you actually WON’T, simply because you’re conscious of your desire to be different. That’s not you. What sharing does instead is make you relatable, a real person behind the accolades and the quotes and the offers.

At the start of my business, I felt scared to talk about Maeve and her loss. I was afraid people would think I was exploiting her death to build my business. But as I processed with the help of a mentor, I came to own that her loss was the very reason I’d started Life With Passion, so NOT talking about her was actually being inauthentic and disingenuous. I gave myself permission to own this defining moment in my story, and it opened up my business and has allowed me to help so many more people, including many I'll never meet but who have read one of my articles, heard an interview, or have been helped by our non-profit Miles With Maeve.

Now, I work with clients to own all parts of their stories, the things they discount, have forgotten, and the things that maybe they’re scared to share. Doing so opens them up to become more known, liked (even loved!) and trusted, and to build their business quickly, in a genuine way.

How about you?

Have there been parts of your story you’ve been afraid to share because you didn’t want to be attention-seeking? Or have you found that sharing your true self has been accepted well by your online community or clients?

Belief in your story,