I'm back for day 2, talking all about GRATITUDE and how it can help you grow your business.

Gratitude is a word we hear a LOT in the personal development world, Oprah made the gratitude journal famous, but there’s a really good reason.

Gratitude is TRANSFORMATIONAL for your life and business. If you haven’t yet experienced or come to believe that, then stick with me, because this has the power to be life-changing for you. If you already agree, stick with me too, and anchor it in more deeply.

Gratitude has the power to totally turn your day around. It’s one of the “highest” emotions on the scale, like joy.

I used to think it couldn’t be that easy and needed to be more complicated, but once I tried it, it was like how I felt when I quit my 9-5--what took me so long?

Now gratitude is a non-negotiable part of my daily morning ritual, and I can tell a tangible difference in my mindset if I skip it. Writing down 10 things I’m thankful for moves me up from “blah” or anxious or confused or frustrated or overwhelmed to a state of being much clearer, calmer, and happier. Often, when I’m working with clients who are in one of these emotional states, implementing this simple ritual yields nearly instant positive results in their life and business. There is no magic pill to make you an overnight business success (and anyone who says there is is lying :), but practicing gratitude is one of the closest things to a “happy pill” I’ve ever found.

Gratitude puts you in a state of mind to make wiser decisions for your business and to more clearly see what’s working. It helps you identify those all-important money-making tasks that savvy entrepreneurs focus on almost exclusively (especially in the beginning of their business) so that you can follow through and make money!!!

Gratitude actually gives you a “better brain,” because it takes your brain out of stress “how will it work, what if it doesn’t work, I’m scared that it won’t work, I’m so stressed,” and moves it into POSSIBILITY. It puts that powerful brain of yours to work in a much more productive way.

When I approach my day full of gratitude, I come into it focused on what IS working and I EXPECT more good things to come, and then guess what? They do! I know that might sound crazy, but it works! And, what do you have to lose by trying it?

How about you?
Have you come to understand the power of gratitude? How has it transformed your life and business? Or is this a practice you’d like to take up?