Starting today and for the rest of this week, I'd like to talk about Grief + Gratitude.

Why? Because both of these powerful emotions are what helped me build my business, and I’m going to teach you how you can use them, too.

Recently we observed my angel Maeve’s 2nd birthday in Earth time. I celebrated, remembered, and honored her on her special day, grieving her loss and all the things we missed out on with her all while holding the gift for which I’m so grateful, her little sister, my "rainbow baby," Fiora.

The grief & the gratitude all in one picture (Fiora with Maeve Bear). They’re inextricably linked. The depth to which you can experience emotions like grief is also the height to which you can feel emotions like joy. It’s likely I wouldn’t have Fi if not for Maeve and her loss.

In business, grief is what CAUSED me to start Life With Passion, this business that I wake up every day so grateful for now. Grief is what caused me to wake up and question everything in my life and determine that no longer was I going to let self-doubt, the fear of failure, the fear of outshining others (the sun came out just as I wrote that!!!!) or the fear of criticism, or what others would think, matter.

Here’s what I told myself: I’ve just survived what psychiatrists categorize as the WORST loss you can survive. I’m not passed out in a ditch somewhere. Today I’m choosing to show up, and if I’m going to show up, I’m going to show up for REALZ.

For me, grief caused gratitude. Grief gave me a business I’m grateful for, one that supports the life I choose to live.

How about you? Where has grief defined you and spurred you on to greatness--or where would you like it to? Or, where has gratitude defined you?


Lots of Love