I'm talking about self-doubt again!  This one shift I’m about to share changed everything for me, when it came to helping me move through and even PAST my staggering self-doubt.

Here it is: Focus on your WHY. It’s not just about YOU, it’s about your WHY. Think about WHY building your business is important to you!

So I’m intuitive, and sensitive, and an introvert. With those things in mind, for me, it’s about connecting with the deeper meaning of WHY I’m building this business, so that I connect to what's possible, and also what WON'T happen if I keep allowing self-doubt to control me.

What would it MEAN to your dreams to take action in spite of your self-doubt? What does doing these tasks to build your business do FOR YOU? For those you love?

What you focus on expands. So, focus on WHY you’re getting visible, taking a risk and sharing your business, finally reaching out and getting support.

To give you an example, Here are some of my “WHYS” for my business:
❤️️To help as many women as possible believe it’s possible to, and actually experience getting free and creating the lives THEY want, like I have
❤️️To pay medical bills for friends and family who get sick
❤️️To travel to see in person the things I’ve dreamed about and read about
❤️️To bless my parents for their sacrifices
❤️️To become financially free, not worry EVER AGAIN about money
❤️️To make my own schedule
❤️️To not be controlled by someone else’s agenda or clock
❤️️To know that I am FREE to follow my intuition and make my own decisions
❤️️To live my big dreams and know there was a reason for them all along
❤️️To make a big, tangible difference in other peoples’ lives

Let’s face it--these “whys” don't get to keep coming true if I allow my self-doubt & fear to continue to control me. I wouldn’t be here, right now, if I had.

And when I read that list, I get inspired to take action!

How about you? Can you relate? What's one of your "whys?" Or what are you going to use your "why" to help you move through?