This week, we're talking about self-doubt, a topic that leaves so many of us feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and shame spiraling.

I'm on a mission to change that!!!!

Self-doubt can masquerade under so many names. Some of the common ones I've heard:
"Being realistic"
"Money" (not having enough, being afraid of not making enough or running out)

Self-doubt is also inextricably linked with, sometimes even synonymous with, fear.

Fear is the number one biggest deterrent, detractor, and factor in holding you back from the life of your dreams.

Fear shows up in questions like these:
What if I don't make the money back?
What if it turns out to be a mistake?
What if I fail?
What if people think I'm stupid?
What if no one buys what I'm selling?

I've felt all of these fears, and many more.

The first time I put up a post announcing my new business, I almost threw up. Literally. I had so much nervous energy that it had to come out in some way, and I told my coach, "I'm either going to throw up or work out." I did the latter :).

My very first Clarity Call application triggered a lot of fear, too. What if I can't help her? What if I say something wrong? What if she doesn't want to work with me? What if she DOES want to work with me? :)

I still have fears that come up as I grow, but it HAS gotten easier to deal with them because now, having gotten support to move past them, I recognize fear for what it is and it doesn't control me or stop me.

You have your own versions of these fears. The first step to beat this fear is to acknowledge it. Admit that FEAR is what's going on, so that you can deal with it head-on.

95% of our mind is our subconscious, where our fear resides. That means that fear has the chance to be 9x more powerful than our rational thoughts. We can’t move past them them until we’re ready to face it, and the first step to facing it is getting conscious of what it is.

So let's name it and take away its power!

What’s the biggest fear you have right now? Or do you feel your self-doubt is linked to fear? Or what are you doing to work through a fear you've had?

Lots of Love,