It's MOOOOOONDAY! And all this week, I'll be talking about SELF-DOUBT.

Now before you skip over this post, this is going to be positive, I promise!

Every single entrepreneur has struggled with self-doubt. EVERY ONE. I’m out to normalize self-doubt. We all struggle with it yet so many of us live in shame about it, allowing it to control us, to keep us stuck, for fear of failure or what others will think of us.

I allowed self-doubt to keep me stuck in a 9-5 that I hated for years, because I doubted I could make money on my own. You'll remember that when I finally did quit, I replaced my income in the first month!

And here's one I've never shared before: While I was growing my side business, I deferred to others who I considered to be more expert than me, even bringing in clients and then giving them to others' businesses, freelancing for them rather than owning that it was MY client, MY project, and MY awesome results! My therapist called this a "distortion"--a belief that others were better or more qualified when in fact, it was just the opposite! Whew!

Why do I share this?

By normalizing self-doubt, we take away some of the shame and secrecy around it, and by "coming out" and sharing, we take away its power over us!

How about you? Can you relate? What are you holding yourself back from? Where are you doubting yourself in this entrepreneurial journey? Or what have you come through and found that works for dealing with your self-doubt?

Lots of love,